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One of the coolest things about SQLblog–aside from our bloggers, of course–is the roller feature. Here we aggregate posts from many of the best external blog sites, and give them to you in one convenient place/feed.  I’ve personally used this feature as my main source of SQL Server news, and haven’t even turned on my blog reader software for several months.

That said, Peter and I first populated the roller’s feeds over a year ago, and things have changed since then.  I just went through and removed all of the blogs that hadn’t had a post in over a year, in addition to blogs that are mirrors of content that you can get from the main SQLblog feed–for instance, Louis Davidson runs an external blog and already mirrors his SQL Server-related posts to SQLblog.  No reason to also carry them in the external feed.  So I’m sorry Louis, but your Spaces blog has been removed from our roller.  Nothing personal!

Now that I’ve done the cleanup, I need your help.  What blogs are we not aggregating, that we should?  Please leave me a comment and let me know what we’ve missed.  We’re looking for quality in addition to activity.  A brand new blog with three posts won’t get added–yet.  But I’ll certainly watch it.  And a blog with 20 posts a day but only one or two a month that are technical will also not get added.  I don’t want to water down the roller or decrease the signal:noise ratio.  I also want to keep things up to date, so dead blogs with no recent posts won’t be considered.

Since this is SQLblog I am mainly interested in adding SQL Server blogs, but I may be open to other related areas–ADO.NET, general database and/or data architecture, data warehousing, etc.  Anything that will add value to a SQL Server professional’s reading list.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!


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