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So it is over:-) The fourth SQL Saturday in Ljubljana, Slovenia, the last SQL Saturday in Europe this year… SQL Saturday #567. Probably still some time is needed to collect and sort the impressions. However, from my perspective, the conference was a huge success.

We have been all together, the attendees, the speakers, the sponsors, and the organizers, 240 out of 278 registered, having 86.33% attendance and less than 14% drop off rate. The drop-of rate makes our SQL Saturday again one of the most successful in the world. For me, this is very important. I really like when registered attendees show respect to speakers, sponsors and organizers, and simply come. I don’t like events where the drop off rate is 50% or even more. Although SQL Saturday is a free event, everybody should respect the fact that the speakers and the organizers are giving their free time, and the sponsors are giving the money.

The two pre-conference seminars help us closing the budget. Therefore, special thanks goes to the pre-conference speakers. Of course, besides the seminars, the sponsors are the ones who enabled the event.

On Saturday, we started with a short keynote. Surprisingly, most of the attendees, and not so surprisingly, all of the organizers were there:-)


Then we continued with the regular sessions. Except for the first time slot, when we had some issues with wireless, everything went smoothly. With 30 sessions in 5 tracks, the day was quite intensive.


Of course, we provided food and drinks. So far, there were no complaints, seems like the food was really good. No surprise for me, in Slovenia food is important, with bad food you get immediately bad evaluations, no matter of the quality of the presentations. Seems like the body food is more important than the food for the soul:-)


One of the special traditions of our SQL Saturday is also wine and schnapps tasting after the raffle, at the end of the event.


And we finished with speakers dinner and a party that for some lasted till the morning. Let’s skip the details here. For now, thanks to everybody involved in this great event!

Hope we all meet again next year!

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