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My name is Andy and I’m a blogger.

I encourage you to blog, too. Why? Because you know stuff. I need to learn some of the stuff you know. You’ve experienced stuff. I’d like to read your experiences – again, to learn from them. Others feel the same way.

“I don’t have anything to say.”

That’s simply not true. You have plenty to say. Maybe it’s hard to get started. I get that. So here’s a starter post for you: Write a blog post about starting a blog. If you want you can mention this post. It’s ok if you’d rather not. But write that post.

“I don’t know where to go to get started.”

Search Google or Bing or your favorite search engine for “how to start a blog” or just click one of those links (I’ve already saved the search). Why don’t I just tell you how to start a blog? You’re going to have to learn how to learn (if you don’t already know how to learn). To paraphrase a famous person, “blogger, teach thyself.”

I only know how to start one blog (well, a couple, but still). I don’t know how to start your blog. You’ll have to figure that out on your own. I’ve given you one idea for one post (above).

“All the good stuff has already been written.”

Probably not. Think about this: If you were writing this very blog post instead of me, would you use the same grammar? Punctuation? Alliteration? Someone reading this post is experiencing the equivalent of nails on chalkboard because of my writing style. (I know you’re there. Thank you for reading anyway. I love you. I’m sorry.)

Even if all the good stuff has been written, it hasn’t been written in your style, in your voice.

You ran into that issue just the other day, didn’t you? The one you had to search to find the solution? That quirky error with the error message that might as well have been written in ancient Sumerian for all the help it provided? Write about that. If another blog post helped you, link to that blog in your post. Most bloggers appreciate the link.

“I’m too busy.”

Really? How much television do you watch per week?


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  • Yavor

    Mar 24, 2017 at 12:31 PM

    I’ve started with SQL Server a few years ago, and has been an invaluable part of my journey. Last year I’ve setup a blog and started blogging about things I find interesting. However due to different things taking up most of my time I slowly stopped blogging :(. I live for SQL, I love sharing, talking and writing about SQL but I found it difficult finding time to do so. Your post motivates me to actually stop making up excuses and find the time. As usual,  great post, Andy!

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