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SQLSat620DublinLogoI am honored to present my day-long precon titled SSIS Design Patterns and Biml: A Day of Intelligent Data Integration at SQL Saturday 620 – Dublin 15 Jun 2017!


What is Intelligent Data Integration? SSIS packages developed using tried and true design patterns, built to participate in a DevOps enterprise practicing DILM, produced using Biml and executed using an SSIS Framework.

Attend a day of training focused on intelligent data integration delivered by an experienced SSIS consultant who has also led an enterprise team of several ETL developers during multiple projects that spanned 2.5 years. And delivered.

Attendees will learn:
– a holistic approach to data integration design.
– a methodology for enterprise data integration that spans development through operational support.
– how automation changes everything. Including data integration with SSIS.

Topics include:
1. SSIS Design Patterns
  Data Flow Performance
  ETL Instrumentation
2. Executing SSIS in the Enterprise
  The SSIS Catalog – the good, the bad, and the ugly.
3. Custom SSIS Execution Frameworks
4. DevOps and SSIS
  A (Condensed) Sprint in the Life of a Data Integration Solution
  Version Control and SSIS
5. Business Intelligence Markup Language
  A Brief Introduction to Biml in the free utilities, BimlExpress and BimlOnline
6. SSIS Design Patterns + Biml
  Putting the DILM (Data Integration Lifecycle Management) components together.
7. SSIS Design Patterns + Biml + Custom SSIS Execution Frameworks
  Executing the new combinations.
8. SSIS Design Patterns + Biml + Custom SSIS Execution Frameworks => DevOps
  Enterprise-class data integration with SSIS.

The target audience for this course is data integration developers and architects who want to learn more about SSIS performance, DevOps, execution, and automation.

Register today. I hope to see you there!


You might like working with Enterprise Data & Analytics because enterprise SSIS Frameworks, baby.

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