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Recent builds of SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) have a feature called PresentOn that can be accessed from Quick Launch.


Figure 1. Quick Launch location in SSMS.

Enter Present in to Quick Launch and select it.


Figure 2. Select PresentOn.

Using PresentOn is helpful when you give a presentation. It doesn’t increase the size of the results, which I find is a limitation when actually giving presentations. Overall it is a good feature that you might want to use.


Figure 3. Object Explorer and the Query Pane are larger, but not the Results Pane.

To turn off PresentOn, select RestoreDefaultFonts.


Figure 4. Use RestoreDefaultFonts to turn off presenter mode.

If you don’t need to increase the font size of the Object Explorer, which is part of your environment, you can use the zoom feature in the Query Pane. This feature is available all of the time. You don’t need to switch to presenter mode. If the results are in text format instead of grid format, the results will also be magnified.


Figure 5. Using the magnification feature.

If you want more control over the formatting of SSMS, see my instructions found here.

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