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I was working on the demo’s for my Practical Performance Monitoring Pre-Con at this years IT / Dev Connections in San Francisco and I have to admit I got a little giddySmile.  The session is geared towards helping a DBA get started in monitoring their SQL Server Instances, especially when they don’t have the ability to buy a 3rd party utility. This doesn’t mean to imply that you have to be a SQL Server beginner to appreciate the session. I know lots of more experienced DBA’s who simply never had the time or training to get a handle on daily performance monitoring. That is where this shines and is one of the reasons I got giddy if you will. You see I use a lot of this code that I was prepping for the demos daily. In fact most if not all stemmed from real life needs. I try to concentrate on the aspects of monitoring that give the biggest bang for the buck and make a real difference in the average DBA’s daily chores. Hence the “Practical” part of the title for this session.  I have been teaching and presenting for many years now but I still get excited with the thought of passing on my knowledge and experience with sessions like this. If any of you are in need of this type of training I am positive you won’t be disappointed with what you can walk away with. Like I said this is code and techniques I use every working day and I know you can immediately use it in your environment as well. I can’t wait and I hope to see you there.

Andy Kelly

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