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sp_spaceused Alternative

Posted May 17, 2013

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In Tips & Tricks, TSQL, Utilities

        I don’t know why but for some reason I have never liked using sp_spaceused. It probably started a long time ago when... more »

Speaking at University of Virginia

Posted November 05, 2012

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In Conferences, speaking, SQL Server, Uncategorized

The University of Virginia is having a fall conference that is free and open to the public on Tuesday November 13th. My good friend Andy Leonard and I will be... more »

Backup File Naming Convention

I have been asked this many times before and again just recently so I figured why not blog about it. None of this information outlined here is rocket science... more »

Speaking at SQL Saturday #146

Posted September 25, 2012

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  For any of you up in the New England area that are looking for some good and free SQL Server training you may want to check out the SQL Saturday this... more »

Exists Vs. Count(*) – The battle never ends…

Posted December 15, 2007

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In Developer, Documentation, Tips &amp, Tricks

    I am still amazed at how many of the database applications written today still disregard some basic rules of thumb when it comes to... more »

Vista’s Perfmon Reports

Posted December 14, 2007

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  A short while back I had to buy a new laptop and one of the choices I had to make was whether to run Vista or XP. While that is the subject for a whole... more »

Successful Backup Messages No More…

Posted October 29, 2007

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In Backup, maintenance, Trace Flag, Uncategorized

How many times have you asked for a way to turn off the behavior in SQL Server that logs successful backup messages to the SQL Server Logs and to the Windows... more »

Double Standard?

Posted September 27, 2007

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In DBA, Developer

While this is nothing new, a conversation I had with a client the other day got me thinking more than I wanted to about what I see as sort of a double –... more »

DBCC OPENTRAN() behavior

Posted September 25, 2007

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I recently was bitten by some not so obvious behavior with DBCC OPENTRAN() that I would like to share.  Basically this command is supposed to show you the... more »

LINQ to the rescue

Posted September 06, 2007

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I heard someone state that LINQ (see for details on LINQ) was going to rescue... more »