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T-SQL Window Functions

Posted July 10, 2017

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In ANSI SQL, AppDev, PASS, Performance, SQL:2003, T-SQL, Uncategorized

I’ll soon post something on this, but let me tell you right here. If you don’t want AI to take you DEV/DBA/BI job you *need* to be smarter than AI (which... more »

Introduction to Azure Cosmos DB: Microsoft’s Globally Distributed, Multi-Model Database Service

Posted June 15, 2017

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In AppDev, CosmosDB, DocumentDB, NoSQL, PASS

It’s time for something NoSQL at the PASS Application Development Virtual Group. Next week Denny Lee will present on Cosmos DB, the latest evolution of... more »

Graph data processing with SQL Server 2017 and Azure SQL DB

Posted May 31, 2017

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In AppDev, graph, PASS, SQL Azure, SQL Server, SQL Server 2017

As soon I saw that SQL Server 2017 supports graph database concepts (queries and modeling) I started to play with it and wanted to know more. And so I took the... more »

From ElasticSearch back to SQL Server

Sharing with the community why we decided to move back from ElasticSearch to SQL Server Sometimes it happens: you move to something that is considered cool and... more »

PASS AppDev next webinar: “Introducing R”

On May 25th the PASS Application Development Virtual Group will host a new webinar delivered by the well know Dejan Sarka and the topic will be R... more »

PASS AppDev Recording: “Building REST API with SQL Server using JSON functions”

Last week Jovan Popovic (SQL Server Program Manager for JSON support and other nice things) delivered a very interesting webinar on JSON and SQL Server / Azure... more »

Data Juice

The data ecosystem explained in 10 simple images Couple of weeks ago I was explaining how IoT and BigData can be a game changer in sports and human activities.... more »

PASS Application Development Virtual Group

I’ve been involved with PASS, once named Professional Association of SQL Server users, now just…PASS, since 2006 when I stepped up as president of... more »

For the Better Developer: Notes

Posted April 01, 2017

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I want to be clear about the target and the scope of the “For the Better Developer” series. The articles doesn’t want to be 100% precise, but the aim is... more »

Know your data(base), or Introduction to the “For the Better Developer” series

Posted April 01, 2017

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After 15 years in Database Performance Tuning, Database Optimization, Data Modeling, Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, Data Science,... more »