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Finding When Someone Last Ran a DBCC

Posted June 28, 2017


  The other day someone on Twitter asked how to find out when or who last ran a DBCC FREEPROCCACHE command on their SQL Server instance. Since this is not... more »

Memory leak occurs when you run DBCC CHECKDB against a database in SQL Server 2014 – fixed in SQL Server 2014 CU6

Posted February 19, 2015


Great news today! At the end of January it was a Connect item  ( that described a... more »

DBCC CHECKDB on VVLDB and latches (Or: My Pain is Your Gain)

Posted June 17, 2013


  Does your CHECKDB hurt, Argenis? There is a classic blog series by Paul Randal [blog|twitter] called “CHECKDB From Every Angle” which is pretty much... more »

Geek City: Detecting Overflowing Columns

Posted October 09, 2007


SQL Server 2005 allows rows to include variable length columns which do not actually fit in the maximum row size of 8060 bytes. I previously posted about... more »

Geek City: Clearing a Single Plan from Cache

Posted September 29, 2007


Caching and reusing query plans is both a good thing and a bad thing. Saving costs of recompilation for a query that is run repeatedly can be a good... more »

DBCC OPENTRAN() behavior

Posted September 25, 2007


I recently was bitten by some not so obvious behavior with DBCC OPENTRAN() that I would like to share.  Basically this command is supposed to show you the... more »